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Trip History


The Old Gits is not a commercial organisation. We don't charge anything and don't make a profit. Those on the trips simply pay their own costs but benefit from any group discounts that can be arranged.

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Meet the Old Gits

You don't have to be that old to be an 'Old Git'. Ages range from mid 30s to late 70s

Alan Mc Alan R Barry S Bob N Cliff C David Mc David Y James W Jon V Mark W Nick P Paul C Paul H Richard S Roger C Steve Me

Our approach to motorcycling.

The Old Gits are a collection of motorcycle enthusiasts who enjoy riding their motorcycles and enjoy the company of other motorcyclists. Our riding style is more IAM than IoM but we do enjoy "making progress" when the opportunity is there to do so safely. We are not motorcycle "fashion victims" and favour function over form. We're not into stunts (wheelies, stoppies etc.) but have been known scrape the occasional foot peg when conditions have allowed.

We generally ride in small groups but each group member knows that it's up to them to set a pace that is safe for them. Each person in the group is charged with keeping the person behind them in their mirrors.

Our approach to touring.

We are "gentlemen of a certain age" (mentally, if not physically) who enjoy our comforts. We will tend to stay in local family run hotels in the 3 star category  and enjoy the food, beer & wine almost as much as the motorcycling. We generally aim to get to a specific destination as quickly as possible where we can off load the luggage from the bikes then use that as a base to explore the surrounding areas. We enjoy visiting local places of interest on our runs as much as simply putting miles of tarmac under the tyres. Evenings are generally spent within walking (should that be staggering?) distance of the hotel so that we can enjoy the occasional glass of something.

While we all tour together, there is no compulsion on anyone to do anyting at any time. We do not insit that everyone rides in a group or that everyone joins in on ride outs etc. We're all on holiday and thus everyone can come and go as they please. 

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