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The Old Gits is not a commercial organisation. We don't charge anything and don't make a profit. Those on the trips simply pay their own costs but benefit from any group discounts that can be arranged.

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Nick P

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Nick P

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I rode '000s of miles on this, often with a viola on my back! Very boring (the riding, not the viola), and used to pass the times by harmonising around the constant drone of the exhaust flat out at 25mph.

bmw r80rt.jpg (471288 bytes)

Bought just before took direct access licence in1997.

Brilliant for commuting - parted the traffic like Moses with my white helmet and black jacket. Came with a Black Rat sticker on the back which I understood only when pulled over by the policeman ex-owner.

pavane050306141628_158.JPG (118940 bytes)

Heavy, sounds like a washing machine on spin, but handles for such a lump and brilliant at distances. And still running smoothly after 84k, if a little worse for wear in the looks department (bit like me).

Nicks new bike.jpg (96700 bytes)

Lost 100kg and gained 70bhp. Never going to use it to its capability but don't care. And had a centre-stand fitted so I had an excuse for not keeping up with other sports bikes!

NickR1200RT.JPG (85556 bytes)

Still 1200cc but a little les frantic.

2006 01 At Hoo Marina 04.JPG (670095 bytes)

What a car. An engineer's car - semi-auto gearbox, automatic jacking for wheel changing, steering headlights, and comfort extrordinaire. And beautiful with it.

Pavane 2005 08 Scrub2_2.JPG (485330 bytes)

And if I can really distort the site .... the boat!