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2005 Write-up

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Trip Notes by Paul C ---


What a morning. 5.15 am leaving home, pouring rain, still dark, yuk.

Nothing stops a Euro bike trip though but a lot of things tried that morning.

Couldn't find waterproof trousers, GPS wouldn't power up and I scraped my pannier down the corner of my car bumper manoeuvring the bike from the garage leaving a black rub mark on VW light blue and VW light blue on black BMW plastic. How does that work. One should go over the other. They can't exchange bodily fluids when they're not fluids.

Anyway, after a very wet ride everyone arrived well in time at the Dartford tunnel services for a well deserved coffee. Then down to Dover for an early crossing.


After a truck racing weekend on the F1 circuit the stands were still nicely full of spectators who had moved up to the Nordschleife to make a day of it.

Another 'ring' close shave when I thought I was in 4th gear coming into a bend at 100mph+ but was actually in 3rd gear.

Chucked it down 2 gears to look 'cool' in front of the crowds and the shaft drive said 'I'm having none of these kinds of revs', instantly locking the back end much to the delight of the crowds.

In those fractions of seconds that seem like an eternity in this kind of situation you could hear the applauding audience rise up quicker than my hand could pull the clutch in as they anticipated a binned bike.

Managed to recover without losing too much bodyweight, rear tyre and face.

The moral of the story is 'to be cool on a bike comes naturally, don't try at it'