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Ride out and barbeque 2009

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When, Where and Who?

Sunday 30th August was the day for the Old Gits ride out and barbeque.

The day started with Roger C and David Mc heading to Tesco at Bury St. Edmunds to Meet Jon V. After a run in the the over officious checkout attendant who insisted we remove our helmets to fill using the Pay At Pump service (he changed his view after some discussion about the error of his ways) and Roger C adding some air to his tyres (the rear was down to 9psi) we were on our way.

We met Barry S and Cliff C near Baldock a little later than planned at about 10:45. Not only were Jon V, Roger C and David Mc a little late but Barry S had had 'issues' persuading his Ducati to start.

We headed off along the A507 then turned up the A600 towards Bedford. A little 'around the houses' route chosen by the Sat Nav made us pass the same set of slow moving highway maintenance lorries twice in Bedford but it was a scenic route!

We then headed up the Gt. Barford to Kimbolton road (the B660 has too many speed limits at the Bedford end) then onto the B660 at Kimbolton. Unfortunately, Barry S got caught out by a really nasty double radius right hander as the B660 enters Gt. Gidding and ended up in the ditch. Just about here:

Luckily both he and the bike only suffered minor damage (a broken mirror, indicator and some scuffs on the fairing - and the bike was no worse off!) so we headed off to Huntingdon to have a few minutes breather and a bite to eat.

It was decided (after  lunch) that the best thing to do was to head back for the BBQ.

The BBQ was well attended and the meat was cooked on a good old fashioned charcoal BBQ. Much beer/wine/sloe vodka was consumed by all and a good afternoon/evening ensued. There was much discussion about next years trip and it was agreed that the Pyrenees option was acceptable to all.

Monday morning arrived and Barry was beginning to ache a little and had a fair amount of swelling on his right hand. We also though that his rear tyre was unsafe to ride on given some issues that had been noticed. His wife decided that the ride back to Oxford without a right hand mirror or indicator, and with his injuries so the AA were called to recover the bike and Barry was driven home in the car. We all wish him well and hope that the minor injuries suffered by both him and the bike are sorted soon.


Starting from

Number on ride out

Number at BBQ

David Mc

West Suffolk



Roger C

West Suffolk



Barry S Oxford 1 3
Cliff C Essex 1 2
Alan Mc 3
Alan R 2
Paul C 2
Jon V West Suffolk 1 1